Cookie Dough Fundraiser

School Goal: 1,000 Boxes of cookie Dough!!

Student Goal: 5 boxes!

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 12.35.43 PM.png
  • Begin selling now and collect the money as you go!

  • All flavors are $20.00.

  • Write checks to Saint Andrew Catholic School.

  • Don't stop at 5! Sell as many as you can!!

  • All order packets are DUE to the homeroom teacher on Wednesday, September 19th by 3:00 PM.




Prizes will be announced Thursday, September 20th!

  • Student participation for 1 tub = Dolphin face tattoo

  • Sell 4 or more tubs = School Silicone Bracelet

  • Sell 10 or more tubs = Chocolate Calculator

  • Get a Lottery Scratch Card with Book Fair Credits for every 20 tubs sold

  • Get a School Blanket with your name on it for 30 sold


Ask a parent to help you contact a mass list through cell/email/facebook on day 1 for their support. Follow up with a phone campaign before the due date. 

Send an order sheet with your parents to work. 

Delivery Day is Thursday, September 27th